Conventions, Club, & Other Dances

Swing Club Dances ...

1st Friday: Redding Dance Club, Redding, CA

1st Saturday: Next Generation Swing Dance Club, Emeryville, Ca:

2nd Saturday: Biggest Little Swing Dance Club, Reno, NV:

1st, 3rd, 5th Sundays: L.A. Swing Dance Club

2nd & 4th Sunday afternoons and Tuesday evenings: Desert Swing Dance Club, Palm Springs, CA.

3rd Saturday: Capital Swing Dancers Club, Sacramento, CA:

4th Saturday: High Sierra Swing Dance Club, Carson City, NV

4th Saturday: Santa Cruz Swing Dance Club, Santa Cruz, CA:

4th Saturday: Redwood Empire Swing Dance Club, Santa Rosa, CA:

Sundays, every Sunday: Swing Dance Club of San Diego, CA

There are more links on my links page for Dance Clubs, just don't know their monthly dance schedules...

Also a Swing monthly event:

1st Sunday: Stepping Out Productions, Sunnyvale, CA, Country Swing Dance

2nd Sunday: Michelle Kinkaid's Dance, Redwood City, CA

2nd Sunday: Kelly Casanova's Dance, Ellington Hall 3535 Industrial Dr., Santa Rosa, CA

3rd Sunday: Mike Pyle DJ's at the Oakland Vets Building, Lake Merritt:

Every Wednesday, "Beardsley's " San Mateo, by Ed Cirio and Phil Trau.

Swing Dance Conventions:

January - Monterey Swingfest, Monterey CA, January , SwingDiego, San Diego, CA

January, Americas Classic Swing Dance Championships, Houston TX

February - Capital Swing Dancer's Presidents Day Convention, Sacramento, CA

April - Seattle Easter Swing, Seattle, WA

April Los Angeles Premier Dance Classic, Los Angeles Ca

April - Reno Dance Sensation, Reno NV

April - Swing Dance America, Milwaukee, WI

May - Frezno Dance Classic, Fresno, CA

July - Branding Iron Dance Festival San Bernardino, CA

August - Swing'n Summer Dance Camp, Palm Springs, CA

Swing Dance Conventions:

August - Swingtime in the Rockies, Denver, CO

Sept - San Jose, CA, South Bay Dance Fling both WCS and CW dancing including J&J

Sept - Bridgetown Swing, Portland, OR

October - New Mexico Dance Fiesta, Albuquerque, NM

October - Boogie By The Bay, Burlingame

October - Halloween Swingthing, Irvine CA, Hyatt Regency

November - Nashville Classic Swing Dance Championships,

November Tampa Bay Swing Classic Tampa, FL

November - Mountain Magic Dance Convention, South Lake Tahoe, NV

November - U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships, Anaheim, CA,

December - Chico, CA, Chico Dance Sensation